Tampa Shed Removal

Keeping an old shed in your backyard can be a hazard as it deteriorates over time. As well, it could home unwanted pests that prevent your yard from reaching its full potential. HAVE JUNK?? is the simple solution to getting rid of an unwanted shed in the Tampa Bay area without any of the hassles. If you’re thinking about replacing your shed with a newer and bigger option, or even just trying to free up some yard space, let us help you safely remove this structure from your yard. We make shed demolitions easy and stress-free!


Are you ready to get rid of your shed but not sure where to start? That’s no problem! HAVE JUNK?? has the expertise to get the job done for you so you don’t have to worry about the demolition, debris hauling, or disposal of the materials. So, whether you’re looking to replace an old structure with something new or simply want to make more space in your backyard, HAVE JUNK?? is here to help. A shed demolition can be intimidating and dangerous to perform. That’s why hiring a professional team to complete the project for you ensures that you avoid injury. For someone who doesn’t have a lot of experience breaking down buildings, its a huge challenge.  Depending on the size and location of your shed, you could be in over your head. Instead of risking damage to your property or risking personal injury, let the professionals handle this task for you!  Our team of junk removal professionals can break down your shed with ease! We have all the training and tools needed to make your shed removal hassle-free. Contact us at 813-562-2182 to get started!

Quick Turn Around

If you’re in a hurry to see your old shed removed, you’re in luck! With same-day and next-day appointments available, we’re usually able to find a time for your shed demolition quickly. However, our schedule does fill up quickly; that’s why, when you know that you’re ready to get this project underway, give our team a call at 813-562-2182. At HAVE JUNK??, we understand how busy life is most days, that’s why we work with you to find a shed removal time that fits your needs. We’ll show up on time and get right to work! Our team is efficient and ready to work hard and make your vision of a shed-free yard come true! Instead of spending hours watching DIY shed demolition videos and taking trips back and forth to the dump to dispose of your debris, let HAVE JUNK?? handle your job so you don’t have to deal with any hassles! Our courteous, professional team can’t wait to tackle this project for you.

Shed Removal Costs

A variety of factors could influence your shed removal costs, however, HAVE JUNK?? is always transparent about our pricing. The size and location of your shed are the main determinants. However, before we even lift a finger, you’ll know a firm quote upfront.  No one likes surprises which is why we are transparent about pricing from the very beginning. HAVE JUNK?? has no hidden costs or fees thrown in at the end of the job, so you have nothing to worry about! Our upfront transparent pricing allows you to have peace of mind during the project.  Since we’re locally owned and operated, we’re able to offer our services for cheaper than franchises.

Contact HAVE JUNK?? Today!

There’s no reason to put off a shed demolition when HAVE JUNK?? makes it so easy to get the job done! Our expert team is ready to get started; we’re the junk removal pros you need to get the job done right. There’s no reason to stress about your shed removal when you have access to a resource like us! We’ll handle the entire demolition and cautiously load all of the debris into our truck and dispose of it properly, recycling whenever we can. Call us today or book online now!  We can’t wait to give you a hand by taking care of this task on your to do list for you.  If you have any questions, just give our team a call any time!


  1. Schedule your shed removal by calling our expert team or booking online.
  2. Our team will show up with all the tools and training needed to get the job done right.
  3. When we see the shed in-person, we’ll give you a firm quote upfront so you’ll never have to worry about hidden fees!
  4. As soon as you’ve approved our quote, we’ll start demolishing the shed then and there!
  5. After we’re done, we’ll make sure all debris is cleaned up and haul your old shed to be disposed of.

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